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European Exam in General Cardiology (EEGC) - 2020 Exam Date

The European Examination in General Cardiology 2020 was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It will take place on-line with virtual proctoring on:

09 March 2021

Your national society and the ESC education department will contact you with more details.


The 2021 European Examination in Core Cardiology (EECC - the name is changing to reflect its alignment with the ESC Core Curriculum for the Cardiologist, which includes the UEMS European Training Requirements) will also take place on-line with virtual proctoring on the planned date of:

15 June 2021

Any candidates who are unsucessful in the exam on 09 March 2021, will be able to re-sit the exam on 15 June 2021

We are very sorry for the disruption caused to your training. If you have specific concerns, please contact your supervisor or national cardiology society.


More information is available in these guides:

EECC 2021 Online Exam Guide

EECC 2021 Online Exam Terms and Conditions

Chris Plummer

EEGC Board Chair
UEMS VP training