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The EEGC Board



  • Appointed by UEMS cardiology section as vice-president for training


  • Active member of the EEGC question writing group
  • Detailed understanding of all aspects of the exam
  • Good leadership and IT skills


  • Chairs two EECG board meetings per year (January at European Heart House and July to review exam performance and agree pass mark)
  • Chairs the kick-off meeting at ESC
  • Agrees/appoints chair and deputy of the question writing group with ESC education committee chair
  • Appoints chair and deputy of the question selection group
  • Appoints chair and deputy and members of the standards setting group
  • Responsible for the overall performance of all EEGC groups
  • Development and implementation of EEGC policies and standard operating procedures to be ratified by the EEGC board
  • Responsible for interactions with new countries wanting to join the EEGC
  • If the chair is temporarily unable to perform their duties, they will nominate one of the group chairs to act on their behalf


  • Chair of EEGC Question Writing Group
  • Chair of EEGC Question Selection Group
  • Chair of EEGC Standards Setting Group
  • Representative of ESC Education Committee
  • Representative of each National Society taking part in the EEGC


  • To ensure good governance of all aspects of the EEGC


  • The board will meet routinely twice each year in January and July
  • The chair may call additional meetings of the full board or a sub-group as required