The European Union consists of the EU-Council, representing the National governments, the EU-Parliament and the EU Commission are as GO (governmental organisations) differentiated from many, many NGOs lobbying for their groups. European MDs in general are presented by the Standing Committee of European Doctors (CPME), whereas the UEMO stands for the GPs and Family Physicians and the UEMS (Union of the European Specialists) for the Medical Specialists.

Due to many medical Mono-Specialities UEMS as the legal entity, located in Brussels, their “daughters” are representing each Medical Specialities, called Sections and Boards.

In Cardiovascular Diseases the UEMS-Cardiology Section is responsible to link the European Cardiologists to the EU-bodies via the UEMS, with the main tasks related to CME, CPD and Professionalism, in contrast to the European Society of Cardiology, which is primarily scientific European Society with main interests in Science and Health Policy.

The European Cardiology Section Foundation is the legal body of the UEMS-CS and enabled to establish a specific an completely independent Accreditation Board, the EBAC for the evaluation of Events and other educational tools in cardiovascular medicine. In fact the providers and accreditors are completely separated. The EBAC logo became a sign of quality and (great) independence for any educational material. EBAC works in accordance to the rules of EACCME, which is the European Accreditation Council for CME. In contrast to EBAC educational tasks in EBAC were evaluated by 1 – 3 qualified Cardiologists as evaluators of the provided materials, whereas EACCME follows an administrative approach, whereas the medcial specific quality will ether not be evaluated or on a national level.