How to become a Member of the UEMS-CS?

In Accordance to the ROPs of the UEMS-CS

Full Members of the CS

are only  the  most  representative  non-governmental  national  professional  and  scientific organization  of  an  European  country  representing  medical  specialists  in  Cardiology . The  above  mentioned  organizations  are  full  active  members  when  they  have  legal personality  in  one  of  the  countries  of  the  European  Union  or  in  a  signatory  country  of  the European Economic Area agreement (NO, CH). They were sent and elected by their referring organisation. The  member  organizations  are  represented  on  the  Plenary  Assembly  by  two  delegates  or  their alternates if they have been duly given a mandate.

The  Association  for  European  Paediatric  Cardiology  (AEPC)  is  represented  by  two Delegates with full  voting rights. They were sent and elected by the AEPC itself.
A  representative  of  the  European  Junior  Doctors  Permanent  Working  Group  (EJD)  is entitled to  be a delegate in  the  Plenary Assembly according to  the  UEMS Statutes of the  European Boards.

Associate  members

National  organizations  representing  Cardiologists  in  other  member countries of the  Council of Europe but which are neither members of the  European Union (EU), nor of the  European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and in  other interested  European countries may, at their  request,  be  invited  by  the  Steering  Committee  to  become  associated  members.  They  will  be represented by one or two delegates as mentioned above.


UEMS reserves  the  right  to  admit as observers other organizations or national specialist associations from other countries. They sit in an advisory capacity.