UEMS Cardio Section: Presidents Note

The UEMS Cardiology Section (CS) underwent important changes lately and we believe time has come to prepare the way forward. Our directions are to follow the overall UEMS policy and build an even more productive Cardiology Section in the most transparent and constructive way and work in close co-operation with ESC.
Some of our activities till now include publishing the Training Requirement Document for Cardiology. This soon is going to be updated in close co-operation with the ESC. UEMS cs along with the ESC, co-organizing the European Examination for General Cardiology. Also, we are participating in different Multi-Disciplinary Joint Committees within UEMS (ITU, Hypertension etc). Finally, the Section along with the ESC the Specialist Accreditation Committee in Cardiology (SACC), which is dealing with Continuous Medical Education and Accreditation of International Educational Events
We hope to continue our progress by reaching our goals and this year.

Prof. Dr. Lampros Michalis, August 2018