Executive Commitee 2013-2017

Prof Griebenow – Re-elected as President of the UEMS-CS for another 4 years
During the Plenary Assembly the new Executive Committee of the Cardiology Section was elected for next term 2013 -2017.

Prof. Reinhard Griebenow (D)

Prof. Lampros Michalis (GR)

Dr. M.W.J.van Hessen (NL)

Vice-President (Training, European Diploma):
Dr. Jim Hall (UK)

Vice-President (CPD, EBAC):
Prof. Lampros Michalis (GR)

Vice-President (Northern EU):
Prof. P. Raatikainen (FL)

Vice-President (South-Western EU):
Dr. Carlos Aguiar (PT)

Vice-Presidetn (South Eastern Europe):
Prof. Ali Oto (TR)

Delegeate ECSF:
Dr. Peter Mills (UK)

Delegate EBAC:
Dr. Rober Schäfer (D)

Delegate UEMS-CS:
Dr. Zlatko Fras (SL)

Prof. Heinz Weber (AT)

Delegate AEPC:
Prof. Jörg Ingolf Stein (AT)

Delegate EJD:
Veli-Pekka Puurunen (FI)